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O'Clay Red Clay, 100% natural

  • RED CLAY O'Clay
  • RED CLAY O'Clay
  • RED CLAY O'Clay

More about RED CLAY O'Clay

Less well known than her sisters currently O'CLAY Red Clay in its composition contains an outline 80.636 silica, and his great power lies in the absorption. What a difference from other ARCILLAS. Lost in Time, now currently it seems to be the most effective. Some of the qualities of this red clay are. absorvente, astringent, healing and decongestant, it is currently Red Clay relieves muscle pain and excessive sweating, acne, blackheads, pimples, dermatitis problems, circulatory, etc .. Since its great power of absorption and neutralizes draining skin impurities.


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Easy, convenient and simple is the new way to have prepared the O'CLAY clay tablets to their face masks.

Preparation of clay tablets

We put a clay tablet in the container lid and pour water only to cover the tableta.Dejaremos about 15 minutes without removing the clay adsorbs water and with the help of the applicator will remove the clay to leave a cream, and already prepared its application clay