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O'Clay Blue Clay, 100% natural

  • BLUE CLAY O'Clay
  • BLUE CLAY O'Clay
  • BLUE CLAY O'Clay

More about BLUE CLAY O'Clay

The blue clay natural O'CLAY, contains a lot of minerals and trace elements that our skin needs, it's a great anti-inflammatory agent and has disinfectant and skin cleansing properties.

It stimulates circulation and enhances the natural process of skin cells giving us an anti-stress effect.

This clay is also recommended for all skin types, the blue clay softens, whitens and tones. It has the unique properties that fight severe acne face besides what we have mentioned before cleaning and disinfection of the skin.

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Easy, convenient and simple is the new way to have prepared the O'CLAY clay tablets to their face masks.

Preparation of clay tablets

We put a clay tablet in the container lid and pour water only to cover the tableta.Dejaremos about 15 minutes without removing the clay adsorbs water and with the help of the applicator will remove the clay to leave a cream, and already prepared its application clay