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O'Clay 5 Colors Clay 100% natural

  •  5 COLORS CLAY O'Clay
  •  5 COLORS CLAY O'Clay
  •  5 COLORS CLAY O'Clay

More about 5 COLORS CLAY O'Clay

If you do not know what the perfect color for your skin Clay with Clay 5 colors we offer will leave doubts.In O'CLAY, we want you to have the opportunity to try all Clays to please the end which is the color of clay that will better your skin.

GREEN- For normal, mixed and oily skin. (Green clay O'CLAY is unlike any clay that have been tested previously, is a soft clay and sweet skin could even use dry skin)

BLUE- For normal, mixed and oily skin. (This clay due to the large amount of mineral salts, is ideal for young children and people with mild or severe acne). The daily and regular use of this clay completely reduce the harsher while brightens the face acne.

YELLOW- For normal dry, sensitive and skin, although it can also be used for combination skin and fat in order to regulate excess sebum and soothe the skin. (It's a sweet. Soft and soothing clay transmits tranquility)

RED- For normal, oily, very fatty and oily (Red Clay is a fat absorber and the silicon content 80.636% make it ideal for tired skin)

OCHER- For normal, mixed and oily skin (This clay contains iron oxide 100% natural and is extracted directly from nature for the purists Clay 100%)


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Easy, convenient and simple is the new way to have prepared the O'CLAY clay tablets to their face masks.

Preparation of clay tablets

We put a clay tablet in the container lid and pour water only to cover the tableta.Dejaremos about 15 minutes without removing the clay adsorbs water and with the help of the applicator will remove the clay to leave a cream, and already prepared its application clay