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A single container.
O'Clay in package 100% ceramic, elegant, practical and original


The pottery is the art of making pottery or clay and, by extension, the trade that allowed man to create all kinds of household goods throughout the history.

In the Occident, culturally technological, the folk pottery and the evocative work of ceramic artisans have largely transformed in decorative and collectible article.

What is fantastic is that only with the copper is obtained a wide range of colors: yellow, red, green and blue with multiple combinations and nuances. All will depend on the time, on the flame quality and on the final smoked.

The tradition is not simply something you have to inherit and preserve;  the crucial thing is how we perceive that tradition and the traditional techniques. Our view determines what we can create to elevate the ceramics within the reality of the tradition to something completely new and fresh. They are our perceptions about what constitutes the present and define who and what we are.


In O'CLAY NATURAL CLAYS, we want you to know why your clay is better than the other clays that you can find in the market and to have a reference of the steps that your clay followed since the extraction, dried and packed, up to meet it in your hands ready for application. This is another af the things that differentiate us from the other clays on the market and, as you can see, there is no natural clay company at the national and international level to expose the steps followed by the clay from the quarry up to enjoy it.

In O'CLAY NATURAL CLAY, our methods in the extraction of clay go back several generations who worked handcrafted  in deposits; the technique and the processing  remained the same.

Today, in the market of the natural, the clay found again its place lost in time, regained the position and the rightful place, the earth itself, and, as part of it, the clay wins the departure again. In O'CLAY we want you to know and see your clay procedures.

The extraction procedure we have followed in O'CLAY is the one of our ancestors, an arduous and expensive work, because the process is slow and must intervene the nature with its essential elements: air, sun and water for the clay to shrink and dry; this method, although is expensive, obtains its recompense because the extraction is manual and does not intermix the materials outside the clay as the industrial ones, where everything goes, everything is mixed thus obtaining a very low quality clay.


After cleaning the grain of impurities, in the example that we show you is the blue clay grain (see photo); here, the clay is pure and hasn´t sand or residues; at this point, the clay comes out humid and with all its color.

It is collected in carrycots in the old way and rejecting the use of plastics; collected and extended, the sun, wind and rain start marinating and reducing it to smaller size. These elements above are essential for obtaining a good clay, the better one.

As the upper and external layers dry gradually, we are going to extract it for that the inner layer follow the same procedure of drying, because, although the outside is dry, the inside is still moist; we repeat these steps until the lump of clay is completely dried.

You can see the dried clay color in contrast with the wet one in the pictures.

It is observed that the color of the clay changed; it passed from a deep blue to a blue-gray or a gray ash; this does not mean that the clay has lost its color;  this is due more to the loss of the water it contains.


After extracting the clay and making the drying process, the clay passes through the mill several times until obtains that fine dust you have in your hands. Like all the exhaustive quality process, the clay is analyzed in independent laboratories.

Then, it proceeds to the manual packing clay into its recipient and sealing the content with tissue / silk paper.

A label with the lot number date on the bottom of the sphere will serve to control and monitor the clay. You have to know that your clay never expires not having any chemicals or additives, or colorings and as long as you do not mix it with any product oblivious to it.

Another heat-shrinkable label will make the cap to hold down while the container will be sealed. I must tell you that is the only moment we use plastic, but it never comes into contact with the product as it is a seal label.

We introduce the package in its box and it is ready to serve…

From here you can be sure that your clay will arrive fresh, virgin, natural and without strange odors. In O'CLAY we give you the unique opportunity to get in your hands the truly natural product.